moving-in-packing-organizing                                                         Seriously….We’ve been planning for almost a year with this move. To be honest, this move is purely selfish on our part. We are looking forward to being able to breathe fresh and clean air and not have 300 Bajillion humidity. Yeah….I said Bajillion.

We are in the final few days before we load the truck. I am not kidding. It is going to be 103 degrees outside the day we load the truck. Needless to say, I am sooooo not looking forward to this.

That being said…We will make it to Colorado!!! Yeah, the land of hiking, camping and outdoorsy stuff you can’t ever do in Texas because it’s too freaking hot!!!


Like a Small Snowball…

That’s what I feel like. An avalanche doesn’t always happen all at once. Often times there is a small bit of snow that drops from a tree or some source at the top of a mountain. As it rolls it gathers more and more until it all just lets loose. I started a 30 day plank challenge and I remember I had to make it 20 seconds. 20 measly seconds. I couldn’t do it. To be fair my stomach is where more of my weight is held. I made it 17 stinking seconds before collapsing. Today….I managed 42 seconds before falling.thats quite a change after just 6 days. Tomorrow is a day of rest and then we jump back into it.

Also, I hit Ab day. My most hated day of the week because it’s my weakness it is harder for me to tackle and feel victorious. I just can’t do what they do so I push hard to Dow hat I can and try to push a little farther than the day before. Tomorrow is my weigh in and measurements. I fully expect little or no change as I can feel my muscle mass is growing and I know that will make me gain. I feel more victorious in what I wear more than anything.


Utterly and completely drained. This cake represents my life right now. I mean….this very stinking second. I turned 46, which I could care less about. I’ve started working out which I care a TON about. My sister-in-law just told us her husband of 30 years left her. North Korea is firing off practice missles when my daughter and her family…including my grand baby, reside in South Korea. Oh yeah…and we are packing for a move. I am freaking exhausted. 

Life is beautiful with all its many colors and variations…..but man it looks like it got hit by a Mack Truck!!!

Aaaand since I started working out I feel like I got hit with a Mack Truck. Hopefully the physical pain subsides soon. I may pass out soon.

Made It Through…

I’ve been trying to push my little fat body hard. My body literally gave out after 24 minutes of a 30 minute program. At minute 17 my body wanted to quit but I wouldn’t let it. I pushed harder. Then I stretched for 10 minutes. I continued on to my strength portion later on after I had caught my breath. Today Hubby joined me. He hasn’t done that before, but I needed it. Even though he is thinner than thin and doesn’t need the workout like I do he did it. He did strength training while I worked my cardio. I am grateful he did. It made me want to push harder.

Let’s face it. He is a slim trim 197 and I am a tubby little 265. I’ve got some goals to bring myself at least 70 pounds lighter. I’m just focusing on moving right this moment. Break your lifestyle, change from laziness to active. It’s killing me now…but at some point ….I pray it will get easier.

Prepping is the Key

Yeah…I am 46 now. My birthday came and went and I was surrounded by those whom I love. I’ve also re-started my workout routine. My summer bus runs have ended and I have a lot of free time before I am due to start up again.

My sweet daughter-in-law had picked out some beautiful clothes for my birthday and included this water bottle for hiking. She is gorgeously plump as my grandson grows quickly inside of her tummy. I adore this woman. She understands me and I realized how much support I have from my family in my weight loss fight. 

We move to Colorado in 28 days and I am looking forward to the change. Not that I dislike San Antonio, but to be perfectly honest. It is freaking hot here. As a school bus driver I endure the hot summer runs inside a tin can of a bus that is hotter than the Sahara Desert. I know what you are saying…shouldn’t we have buses with A/C ?!! Nope, not yet. My lungs ache with the heat by the time I get home. So Colorado….yeah Colorado sounds so much better to me.

Is anyone else getting ready to workout? Or is it just me…as usual.

Always Late But Worth the Wait

Today I received my Young Women’s medallion. I was baptized when I was 20 years old and was never able to earn it as a teenager. Truth be told…I wasn’t ready to earn it. The past year has been tumultuous to say the least. I poured myself into earning this medallion and centering my life with Christ. It was worth every single thing I worked on. I’ve become stronger. I plan on running through the program again and again. Why stop something that helps so much?

Day 2…..Quitting Is Not In My Vocabulary

I woke up this morning…4:30am…just to workout. Insane, maybe, but working out is a private thing for me. I don’t want to be on display for anyone to see. I want it just me and the sleeping critters upstairs. I feel self conscious being a fat girl and working out. It is truly hard for me to have anyone watch this big body moving. Even though I know when I see larger people workout I am cheering them on. I just can’t. My knee is killing me, but it isn’t a constant pain. It’s more of a pain from starting to really use it for good. 

Program: Turbo Fire Low HIIT 20/ Stretch 10

Fire Talk: Watching the video can be frustrating. Obviously, as a Fat Girl I don’t move as well as they do and being nearly 6 ft tall I don’t move as fast as they do. So, I play it like this….I am the one benefiting from the exercise. If anyone doesn’t like it…then BYE!!! I do what I can and how I can. It will get easier as the pounds start to drop. I can’t expect to be perfect when I am on Day 2. As Elsa says…Let It Go!!

Toes On The Starting Line

I started here before. I am 5’11” tall and 265 lbs. it is hard to maneuver this big body anywhere. What makes it harder is I am in a work field which promotes obesity. I am a bus driver which means I sit all day long. When I get off the bus I sit and when I work I am sitting. Do I have to be one of the norm? 

Let’s just say I have never found myself located on the Normal Scale.

What is changing? My mindset.

I don’t HAVE to be like anyone else and be stuck in where I am. I have one coworker who is pushing from obesity to unsafe. Do I know his health issues? No. Do I make fun of him? No. He is me in the future if I don’t do anything.

I am going to conquer this. Why? Because I am worth it!!! And so is everyone else. They just don’t know it yet….but they will.

Program: Turbo Fire

Sequence: Fire Starter/ Stretch 10

Fire Talk: I died 8 minutes in. I rested for a minute or two to catch my breath and then jumped back in. I need to convince myself not to quit. Even if I just keep moving I am conquering!!!

Thoughts: I am worth the fight! Nobody is going to do this for me! I may not be Rocky at the top of the stairs yet…..but I am on the first step!!! I’ve got this!!!

Begin Again

OK….I am forcing myself to begin again. I seriously miss the activity level. I want to be up and running, but after a week of not only the worst period in the universe AND a stupid summer. Old….I am ready to beat down the wall and get myself moving.

I just spent 10 days with my little grand baby. She is visiting from South Korea. She is the quintessential Army Brat. Of course, she is  an absolutely incredibly kid. I absolutely love my little one. She is a doll and a firecracker all rolled into one.

So, now I am beginning my healthy lifestyle again. I need that workout daily. It is a necessity for me. Just to get used to moving and feeling better. I miss it.

Real Talk:

I am obese. I am a fat girl. I just became lazy and complacent about my health. I don’t want to do that any longer. I want to lose weight and feel I can conquer the world. I had tried the pill avenue of weight loss and I’ve done the Beachbody process which I did lose weight…but I spent so much money in the process. I’ve decided I can lose weight using what I have learned and not have to buy special shakes that cost a million dollar a month and feel like I need to go out and spend to lose.
I will share a secret…it’s NOT about the shakes or any of the latest diet fads. I am going for delicious food, activity and most especially…choosing me.

I am going to choose me to focus on. I am going to focus on my needs and not put myself on the back burner like I’ve done for the past 30 years. Face it…as moms we ALL do it all the time. I am making goals for the future


I’ve got three goals:

1. Bike the local Rock N Roll Marathon

2. Make it to the top of the Manitou Incline

3. Complete a Spartan race.
Throlol th all of this…I am going to choose me!!!!

Little Man….Oh How I Love You!!!


We are celebrating today as we found out our second grand-baby will be a boy. Little Isaac….or Issy as Grammy will call him….is such a blessing to us all. We are excited to meet him in August!!!

My diet has hit the low end status as stress begins to pile up. I can’t stand stress and now with Hubby no longer working I am just trying to hold on to my own self.