Never a Perfect Christmas…

Let’s be adults about this. No Christmas is EVER perfect. I’ve been part of the Christmas Crazy Club where you run place to place trying to find the latest and greatest toys, wrapping and baubles. I’ve also been part of the dollar store shoppers trying to get at least something for your kids.

Now I am…ahem…older. A fabulously gorgeous Grandma who loves this time of year. It’s just magical to see the lights popping up here and there around the neighborhoods, downtown and even at work. I love to see my three year old granddaughter hugging a simply gift wrapped present and saying: ” Oh thank you Mimi and Poppy!”

She has no idea what’s in that box, but the idea that she has something special coming brings joys to her heart. Think of it this year. Anytime someone gives you something… a plate of cookies, a marshmallow Santa or a pair of comfy Bearpaw boots I’ve been hoping for. The fact is…they’re giving their time to pick out, wrap and give you part of themselves. They had me in their mind. That’s enough❤️

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