Starting Over…..Again

Just under four years ago this was me……all of me. I weighed 288 pounds and it was killing me. My back ached, my feet ached, my knees ached and by the end of the day my head ached when I saw pics of myself. At the end of the day that was when my life was falling apart.

Here I am today, in my head I’m in a much better place. I still have three kids, but have added two bonus kids and three grandkids to the mix. Hubby and I are still fighting together to make for a better tomorrow. He started a new job and his body is lean and his muscles growing as he works hard. Myself? I started falling backwards….I gained 8 pounds from what I lost. Now that we are financially stable and life isn’t so hard I have to face the hard reality of my weight and my lifestyle.

I am a school bus driver and part of holding a commercial driving license is to qualify to be healthy enough to drive every two years. A huge crack down is happening on professional drivers in making sure we are all healthy. Though the focus is especially on long haul semi drivers it is affecting school bus drivers. A co-worker and friend of mine just went for hers and has to take a sleep study to make sure she doesn’t have sleep apnea. This is great because number one their focus is on health, but she’s not allowed to drive students until she gets that study. That’s putting a huge weight on her pocketbook. She’s going to suffer financially while she waits. I don’t want my health to cause that stress on my family. I also want to be healthy enough to play with my grandkids and see my kids.

So, that being said I’ve restarted my health journey. I am aiming for 2 pounds a week and also fighting my addiction to soda. I am drinking water these days and juice occasionally. Yes, I know how much sugar is in juice but which is better…fresh squeezed orange juice or soda? My eating habits are changing and I am modifying the size of meals. Th biggest thing is activity. I am going to start walking again between morning and afternoon routes but also add in strength training in the evening after dinner.

I may die on this journey, but it won’t be for the lack of trying.

-Just Me