An Amazing Journey…So Far

Pssst….I’m not finished yet! This was me two years ago. I was struggling with my life, my marriage and my career. And then I made this really crazy choice.I began to make small changes. LOL….I started with Tai Chi. All my fiends were doing amazingly difficult workouts. And I was doing a Tai Chi workout. I loved it though. It was hard for me, but I kept going. After 30 days I could see the difference, but I sa nothing much until I looked back after two years. I changed the way I was eating. I made the choice to become active…and this was where I got to.The second picture was from my hike at Garden of the Gods in the fall. It is gorgeous there. I kept pushing to keep going and find my way back to not having to be a spectator but an active participant in my life.

Since I started we made some HUGE changes. Not only am I active and watching what I eat, but I am watching the reaction of others as I change. I’ve become a pied piper of sorts unintentionally. Just a few weeks ago I completed my goal….the Manitou Incline. One mile, 2100 feet elevation increase and 2744 steps to the top. For some, it doesn’t sound so bad. I literally saw some really in shape people running up the steps. Then there was me.

I’m not going to lie. It was tough, but after 4.5 hours I made it to the top.

Don’t I look happy?! I’m doing my best not to scream. It was a gorgeous climb. I made it and then descended along the Barr Trail. A beautiful day for sure.

Remember, whatever you do and wherever you go….give yourself some time to refresh and think about yourself! You deserve it!