Feeling: Not Normal

Seriously….I feel like I am the least normal woman in the world. I am sitting up watching the end of a football game. Yes, I solemnly swear I am actually a woman. I love my football team. When I was little we would go to football games with my grandpa and my parents. It was my best times ever. Maybe that’s why I love the game so much. Yeah, and my husband is asleep. I am the one staying up late to watch the end while he sleeps.

I also know the Christmas season is upon me and I have literally no desire to run off to our work Christmas party. It’s in a private room at a bar. I literally have no desire to go and watch people get drunk and claim it is for the holiday season. It’s just a reason. I don’t understand the draw to alcohol unless you are just trying to deaden your emotions.anyway, I opted not to go. We were literally at another Christmas party last night so I don’t feel so bad.

I guess all in all I am just a quiet person who enjoys a quiet life. Give me old movies and a quiet night at home by the fireplace sitting next to the person that I love most. Life is good….I just wish I was more normal.