Getting Moving

My walking buddy today. So happy my youngest daughter could join me and I could make her work hard. She’s not used to going out and walking. She was the one who needed a breather before I did and it felt good. Look, that gorgeous kiddo of mine is just starting her health journey and we live in gorgeous Colorado. And seriously, compared to most places I’ve lived we aren’t attacked by bugs every time we go outside. We made it nearly 5 miles on the walk, but mostly enjoyed just being together❤️

Do pin It in my Pajamas

Seriously, I know how much my big ol’ bootie wanted to reject my needs for exercise so I gave it no chance by working out it my pajamas. Unfortunately, the lawncare crew was here today so they got a full view of me working out. Who cares? Let me look. Let the, see a woman who is loving herself so much she is giving herself attention.

Because guess what? I am worth it! And I guarantee you it’s been a long time since I thought that of myself.

Happy workout y’all!

Kicked My Big Ol’ Bootie

Seriously, I’m at war with this stupid machine. I didn’t last 5 minutes today. Yeah, yeah….I know. I’m seriously overweight and out of shape. But, c’mon!!! 5 minutes!!!

Tomorrow, I’m gonna kick it’s behind back and just try to push past the pain. I’ll let y’all know…but 8m gonna hit it again!


Two Weeks Down

I can’t believe what a wild two weeks it’s been!!! Colorado experienced a Snowpocalypse also known as a bomb cyclone and then Spring Break. The best part, I’ve literally had 4 sodas in two weeks. Not hard to some by my addiction is mine to fight. In the end…I slid down the scale a bit from 266 lbs to 259 lbs!!!!

2 weeks and -7lbs already!!!!

Let’s go everyone!!!!

Starting Over…..Again

Just under four years ago this was me……all of me. I weighed 288 pounds and it was killing me. My back ached, my feet ached, my knees ached and by the end of the day my head ached when I saw pics of myself. At the end of the day that was when my life was falling apart.

Here I am today, in my head I’m in a much better place. I still have three kids, but have added two bonus kids and three grandkids to the mix. Hubby and I are still fighting together to make for a better tomorrow. He started a new job and his body is lean and his muscles growing as he works hard. Myself? I started falling backwards….I gained 8 pounds from what I lost. Now that we are financially stable and life isn’t so hard I have to face the hard reality of my weight and my lifestyle.

I am a school bus driver and part of holding a commercial driving license is to qualify to be healthy enough to drive every two years. A huge crack down is happening on professional drivers in making sure we are all healthy. Though the focus is especially on long haul semi drivers it is affecting school bus drivers. A co-worker and friend of mine just went for hers and has to take a sleep study to make sure she doesn’t have sleep apnea. This is great because number one their focus is on health, but she’s not allowed to drive students until she gets that study. That’s putting a huge weight on her pocketbook. She’s going to suffer financially while she waits. I don’t want my health to cause that stress on my family. I also want to be healthy enough to play with my grandkids and see my kids.

So, that being said I’ve restarted my health journey. I am aiming for 2 pounds a week and also fighting my addiction to soda. I am drinking water these days and juice occasionally. Yes, I know how much sugar is in juice but which is better…fresh squeezed orange juice or soda? My eating habits are changing and I am modifying the size of meals. Th biggest thing is activity. I am going to start walking again between morning and afternoon routes but also add in strength training in the evening after dinner.

I may die on this journey, but it won’t be for the lack of trying.

-Just Me

This Kid…

lSeriously, it’s been like two hours now and I am EXHAUSTED!!!!

My son-in-law is having shoulder surgery so I volunteered to watch a certain almost threenager. She has so much energy I can barely keep up! Pray for me y’all.

She just went to sleep for nap time and I have to make some cookies.

An Amazing Journey…So Far

Pssst….I’m not finished yet! This was me two years ago. I was struggling with my life, my marriage and my career. And then I made this really crazy choice.I began to make small changes. LOL….I started with Tai Chi. All my fiends were doing amazingly difficult workouts. And I was doing a Tai Chi workout. I loved it though. It was hard for me, but I kept going. After 30 days I could see the difference, but I sa nothing much until I looked back after two years. I changed the way I was eating. I made the choice to become active…and this was where I got to.The second picture was from my hike at Garden of the Gods in the fall. It is gorgeous there. I kept pushing to keep going and find my way back to not having to be a spectator but an active participant in my life.

Since I started we made some HUGE changes. Not only am I active and watching what I eat, but I am watching the reaction of others as I change. I’ve become a pied piper of sorts unintentionally. Just a few weeks ago I completed my goal….the Manitou Incline. One mile, 2100 feet elevation increase and 2744 steps to the top. For some, it doesn’t sound so bad. I literally saw some really in shape people running up the steps. Then there was me.

I’m not going to lie. It was tough, but after 4.5 hours I made it to the top.

Don’t I look happy?! I’m doing my best not to scream. It was a gorgeous climb. I made it and then descended along the Barr Trail. A beautiful day for sure.

Remember, whatever you do and wherever you go….give yourself some time to refresh and think about yourself! You deserve it!

Feeling: Not Normal

Seriously….I feel like I am the least normal woman in the world. I am sitting up watching the end of a football game. Yes, I solemnly swear I am actually a woman. I love my football team. When I was little we would go to football games with my grandpa and my parents. It was my best times ever. Maybe that’s why I love the game so much. Yeah, and my husband is asleep. I am the one staying up late to watch the end while he sleeps.

I also know the Christmas season is upon me and I have literally no desire to run off to our work Christmas party. It’s in a private room at a bar. I literally have no desire to go and watch people get drunk and claim it is for the holiday season. It’s just a reason. I don’t understand the draw to alcohol unless you are just trying to deaden your emotions.anyway, I opted not to go. We were literally at another Christmas party last night so I don’t feel so bad.

I guess all in all I am just a quiet person who enjoys a quiet life. Give me old movies and a quiet night at home by the fireplace sitting next to the person that I love most. Life is good….I just wish I was more normal.

A New Addition…

I am so excited that my newest grand baby was born!!!isaac

Little Isaac was born early Sunday morning and we couldn’t be more excited to add this little guy to our family. He is a sweetheart and I have a terrific daughter-in-law who keeps me up with his every little move and picture. In short…I am blessed.